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  • 340B

    Our tool edits the transaction data from wholesalers and adds an entry in the transaction history showing transfer of product from the covered entity to the contract pharmacy ensuring compliance with DSCSA no matter what the FDA guidance determines.

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  • Suppliers

    Our team will work with you to determine all drug suppliers you do business with and work to integrate their data into our tool. We have already partnered with many suppliers within the pharmaceutical industry and continue to expand out network every day.

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  • Transactions

    Our tool allows you to create transaction documents and send them to other dispensers in order to meet all requirements of the DSCSA. Also if you send product to one of our partners pharmacies we can electronically send the information to them instantly.

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  • Storage

    While most suppliers will send transaction information electronically some will still send paper information. Our tool allows you to scan these paper documents and store the information in the same way you as all the other documents eliminating paper storage.

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Welcome to Drug Track IQ

Are you and your pharmacy ready for Track & Trace? Let our experienced team of pharmacists support your compliance needs with upcoming requirements for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).
For starters, you will need a policy and procedure set that outlines how you are meeting the DSCSA requirements as a pharmacy. We can help you get these in place today. Next, you will need to understand how each wholesaler or drug manufacturer (when buying drug direct) will provide you the Triple Ts (Transaction History, Transaction Information, and Transaction Statement). We are compiling this list and updating it as needed. The How is almost as important as the When. Finally, we have developed a comprehensive tool for tracking your Transaction documents. We have partnered with many wholesalers and will work with any others you may need at no extra cost. As previous pharmacy directors and managers, we know you need a simple and elegant solution that does not require significant time for you or your staff, and that is the goal.

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